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caid dow  - writer & director

From puppet shows to musicals, Caid has always been a storyteller. Focusing on unconventional characters in unconventional worlds. Passionate about visuals and creating her own stylized work. She works to make stories that not only make you smile, but make you think!


jenny lee-gilmore - producer

Jenny Lee-Gilmore is a 3 rd year BFA Film Production student. Born in England, she moved to
Vancouver aged 13 After her 1 st year at UBC
focusing on media and gender studies, Jenny wanted to combine this knowledge with filmmaking to create socially conscious work. Jenny is simultaneously pursuing careers in front of and behind the camera, having acted in various national and international commercials, as well as making a few cameos in this year’s films. She hopes to continue developing her skills as a producer next year while also gaining experience in writing, directing and production design.

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jamie lam - cinematographer

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jamie is currently a 3rd year Film Production student at the University of British Columbia. An aspiring writer-director with a love for visuals, Jamie is also an alumni of the Arts Club’s LEAP Playwriting Intensive and VACT’s MSG Lab. She hopes to travel the world writing and directing for both the stage and the screen.